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First Hunt Program

March 31 Deadline to Sign Up for First Hunt Program

               To all Members in the Big Horn Basin!

Mentored Hunting Opportunity for Youth 12-17 and Women.

          "First Hunt" Program for First Time Hunters:

            Individuals, Mom/Daughter or Mom/Son 

 Presented by the WY Game and Fish Department and 

             Sponsored by Wyoming Outdoorsmen!

Selected Applicants will be paired with a mentor that will

guide them through all the aspects of a deer hunt including

a range day,  simulated hunt, and actual whitetail doe hunt

on a private ranch. 

              APPLICATION DEADLINE:  MARCH 31_______

Contacts:  Tara Hodges (WY G & F) Tara.Hodges@wyo.gov

Bruce Salzmann (Wy O)  salzmannbruce@gmail.com

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